The Founders on Education

worms eye view photography of statue of liberty

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Independence Day is this week. It is an important time to remind ourselves that independence is not something that happened a long time ago. It is something we have to keep fighting for. At the center of that battle is education.

A lot of people do not realize that the Founding Fathers were big education advocates. They might not have envisioned that vast public education system that we have today, but they educated themselves and then sought to aid in the education of as many of their neighbors as possible. Education was the seed of the American revolution. Founders like Adams and Jefferson saw it as essential to the future of our nation too, yet the need for better education is still holding back our country from being the beacon of liberty that it should be. Continue reading


Book Review: Firefly Classrooms

Firefly Classrooms.jpgI taught in the same school as Troy Cockrum for 2 years early in my teaching career. I learned a lot from him then, so when I heard about this book coming out I was excited to read it. Cockrum has a big vision and is willing to take risks to try new things in the classroom. He is an innovator. Continue reading